Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Our emergency preparedness program strives to protect Hudson County residents from natural and manmade public health emergencies and threats through education, planning, and exercising. Our program works closely with the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management, as well as municipal emergency management coordinators, to ensure a coordinated response to emergencies county-wide.
Health Alert Network (HAN)
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HRHC is one of 22 agencies in the state of New Jersey that is part of the Local Information Network Communications System (LINCS) and Health Alert Network (HAN). The HAN is a nationwide communication, information, and training system designed to support the linkages between federal, state, county, and local partner’s public health in response to public health events utilizing various communications methods. Enter your email address to sign up to recieve alerts.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
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Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a component of the New Jersey Citizen Corps. The program is designed to identify and register volunteers who are willing to serve during a public health emergency.

Our program consists of both healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, EMTs) and community volunteers with a focus on assisting at a point of distribution (POD) site or Medical Needs Shelter. Online and in-person trainings and exercises are offered/occur throughout the year.

Point of Distribution (POD)
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Your organization could sign up to become a Closed POD to receive medication for employees and family members in the event of a public health emergency. Contact Alyssa Araujo to enroll and learn why this could be beneficial for you and your staff.

Contact The Team

Christina Butieb-Bianco, PHENS/MRC Coordinator

Contact Christina if you would like to learn more about the MRC or HAN.

Alyssa Araujo, HERC/Planner

Contact Alyssa if you are interested in scheduling an emergency preparedness presentation for your organization.